Justin Purefoy is a director and cameraman working in documentary filmmaking and feature programming. He went to film school where he studied a BA (hons) in filmmaking. As his final year project in 2004, he produced a documentary in Northern Uganda called 'Night Commuters' the story of children escaping abduction from an armed rebel faction - this was broadcast on Channel 4 in the UK. 

Justin moved to Kenya where he lived for ten years, building a career in documenting people and environmental stories. Having always been fascinated by fiction filmmaking, Justin applies this discipline to his own documentary projects; he has a particular interest in stories that are shaping the natural world, focusing on people and wildlife issues.

Justin moved back to the UK to work with Maramedia on their BBC landmark series 'Highlands: Scotland’s Wild Heart' - narrated by Ewan McGregor.

More recently Justin directed and filmed 'Hotel Armadillo', a co-production for PBS and BBC Natural World, which is narrated by Sir David Attenborough and produced by Maramedia. Justin continues to explore the human story alongside our rapidly changing planet, always striving to bring a fresh perspective and cinematic look to his projects.


2013 - Ethiopia

Justin did a series of feature stories on the World's greatest marathon runners in Ethiopia, including the rock star of long distance running - Haile Gebrselassie.

2017 - 2018 Wild Way of the Vikings

Spectacular Natural History meets Historical Epic in a unique, beautiful and revelatory journey showcasing the wildlife of the North Atlantic and its most iconic ancient civilisation.

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2017 - Gudrun the Viking Princess

Season 1

This exciting live action drama doc blends spectacular Natural History with the engaging stories of a young Viking princess as she learns the ways of the wild.

Haile Gebrselassie

2012 - Somalia

In 2012 Justin did an imbed with the Kenyan military in Somalia - covering the rise of Al Shabaab in East Africa.


2016 - BBC 2 - Hotel Armadillo

Our exciting new documentary about Giant Armadillo's, narrated by David Attenborough. I filmed and directed this documentary alongside an amazing wildlife team in Maramedia. 

2015 - BBC 2- Highlands: Scotland's Wild Heart

Fantastic experience being part of Maramedia's 4 part BBC series on the Highlands, narrated by Ewan McGregor. I worked as producer and directed episode 4. 

2014 - CBBC 'Kids From Kibera'

I directed a special documentary, following the lives of three children in Kenya's largest slum in Nairobi city, as they prepared for an important acrobatic tournament. 

2011 - Nat Geo, Madagascar

Justin worked with National Geographic, filming conservation biologist Luke Dollar and his work with the largest carnivore in Madagscar, the Fosa.


2010 - IMAX 'Born to be Wild'

Justin filmed behind the scenes footage for this epic large format story on orphaned baby elephants in Kenya.

2010 - BBC Last Chance to See - Northern White Rhino's

In 2010, four of the eight remaining Northern White Rhino's on earth were relocated to Kenya and Justin filmed the wildlife footage for this one off special on their journey and relocation.